Argh, should we even bother?

So a while back my sister and I had a tense discussion about applying for the ICON, Canberra Innovation Grant. We needed capital (business speak for money) to get our product ideas off the ground but truly believed we didn’t stand a chance of getting it. The conversation went something like this:

Mel “Hey, so we’ve got to get that application in this week”
Peta “arghh, it’s going to take ages and it’s not like we’re going to get it. Should we even bother?”
Mel “Let’s just submit something so we can at least we can say we tried.”

So, not the most inspiring of starts. In our minds we were competing with loads of 20yo Computer Science grads with great ideas on how to automate 20 million people out of work. Surely our humble inventions hacked together in Mel’s back shed wouldn’t stand a chance.

Turns out we were wrong. We got past the 1st round. We were super psyched of course. Elated even. This buzz lasted right up until the point where we realised how much work the second round entailed.

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