No ‘google’ to tell us what market penetration means

We got the great news that we’d got through to the second round of the ICON grant application a week before we our epic hiking adventure through the Grand Canyon – We were keen to see it before it was opened up for mining and logging.

The problem was that the application was due three days before we got back and there was no possibility of an extension. What to do?

Well, adhering to our relatively new found philosophy of ‘trying and failing is better than not trying at all’, we decided to complete the application requirements while in the US. Our plan was to write the application in between all the amazing activities we had planned. Sure we were going to be out in the rural America for 90% of the trip but we figured the US has great WIFI and we’ll be able to collect all the info we need while on the road.

We were wrong. There was snow, skiing, hiking, camping, friends & beer pong, but no internet. Most of the time we didn’t even have cell reception.

So there we were, having an awesome time in the middle-of-no-where with a business plan to write and no ‘google’ to tell us what ‘market penetration’ meant.

Nevertheless we persevered. We stopped at public libraries while driving through small towns. We crashed at friends houses, connecting to their WIFI from our tents. And we made international phone calls from payphones in the middle of the night.

It was all rather exciting actually. It certainly gave us things to talk about while on the road.

Melanie and Peta looking a little rough after a cold night camping in Colerado.

Peta and Mel looking a little rough after a cold night camping in the Mesa Top valley.

Mel, Peta and Gina, AKA 'team awesome' before the 'Ride, Slide & Run' event at Galena Lodge, Idaho. The team win last place.

Peta, Mel and Gina, a.k.a. ‘Team Awesome’, win last place in the ‘Ride, Slide, Glide’ event at Galena Lodge, Idaho.

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