Like a poverty stricken uni student in Canberra

The KEO team dressed as Christmas charactors.
The KEO team create a biographic of life at KEO Design.

When I saw ‘Innovation Grant’ come up on my phone, I contemplated not answering it. It had been so long since we’d heard from them that I’d already gone through all the stages of grieving our certain failure and come out the other side.

It took me a minute to recognise the absence of a commiserating tone in the caller’s voice. He sounded happy, as if he was about to give me good news. He was.

My following conversation with Melanie went something like this:

Peta: “Canberra Connect called, we won the grant”
Mel: “really?”
Peta: “yeah”
Mel: “so, now we actually need to make this happen”
Peta: “yeah, I guess we do”

While we’d taken the application process seriously, it never occurred to us that we might actually win and for the first time, we realised just how big a job lay ahead of us.

8 weeks later I’d given up the best job I’ve ever had – that’s my team on the right celebrating Christmas, it was so great – ended the lease on my beautiful, grown up apartment and said goodbye to my fantastic friends all to live, once again, like a poverty stricken uni student in Canberra.

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