Who is Little Products?

We are a company established by two twin sisters with a whole lot of great ideas and the tenacity to make them happen.
Our Agenda

Little Products help kids cut the world down to their size.

Due to their smaller size, children often encounter physical barriers in spaces designed for bigger people. We believe this imposes unnecessary dependency on parents to do things they should be able to do on their own. Things like turning lights on and off and reaching things on the dining tables.

Our products enable kids to exercise their natural abilities and do things for themselves whenever they are ready and not just when they’re ‘big’ enough.

How We Started

Armed with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Australian National University, Melanie Stamell took to her garden shed and started creating solutions to problems she and her sisters – they have dwarfism – experienced in a world designed for average sized adults.

Melanie was primarily interested in creating practical solutions to problems she faced as a person with Dwarfism but it was her sister, Peta who saw the potential for these products to help kids too. To prove her theory Peta enlisted their young cousins to test out the inventions for themselves.

“They loved them. It turns out kids really like doing things for themselves and they are amazingly competent when you remove the physical barriers like high counter tops.” – Peta Stamell

After convincing Melanie of the commercial potential of her inventions, the sisters started Little Products pty ltd. Little Products is now a promising start-up dedicated to making the world a more comfortable and accessible space for our kids.

Little Products pty ltd operates out of Canberra, Australia.