Chair Adapter

This product is currently in development with the assistance from the ACT Government under the Innovation Connect Program. For development updates, please visit the Little Products Blog.

The Chair Adapter

The Chair Adapter makes adult chairs much more comfortable for kids aged 2 – 8yrs.

Currently, sitting at the dinner table can be an uncomfortable and tiring activity for young children:

  • Impractical
    Due to their small size, children often sit too low at tables, making eating needlessly difficult and messy.
  • Pins and Needles
    Children’s feet don’t reach the ground, leaving little legs to dangle. This can lead to leg pain, pins and needles and numbness.
  • Slouching
    The inability of young children to reach their chair’s backrest also leads to slouching and back pain.
  • Balance
    With no foot support on which to gain purchase, children exert more effort staying upright in their chairs. This effort increases when they can’t lean back in her chair to take advantage of the back rest.

How comfortable is your child?

The sitter has no foot and back support and is using a lot of energy to balance on the chair.

The sitter has back support but the weight of her legs overhanging the seat will quickly restrict blood circulation and lead to pins and needles.

Even Better
The footrest gives the sitter purchase and will prevent pins and needles however she has lost back support by sitting forward.

The sitter has full back and foot support and is able to sit easily on the chair for long periods of time.