The Toggler
Not being able to reach light switches in your own home is frustrating and it’s a problem that’s not easily solved when you live in rental accommodation.

Using the Light Switch Adapter, renters with young children can now ensure their kids have easy access to light switches, without making lasting changes to existing house infrastructure.
The Chair Adapter
Young children experience discomfort when using standard sized chairs. When feet don’t touch the ground and backs don’t reach the backrest, it takes a lot of energy to stay on the chair, let alone fend off pins and needles and numbness.

The Chair Adapter is a portable product that will make the seating experience more comfortable for young children.
The Easy Up
Due to little hands and a lack of coordination, many children have difficulty putting their own hair up.

The EasyUp does not require the refinedmotor skills or developed visualisation skills that older kids use to do their hair.

With the EasyUp young children will be able to create side, high, low and centre ponytails that look good and will stay up on the sport field!
We have limitless ideas about how to make the world fairer and more comfortable for our kids, so stay tuned for more awesome products! – The Little Products Team