The Toggler


The Toggler is a Light Switch Extender for Australian Gang Light Switches. The Toggler effectively lowers switches by 23cm.

Available on backorder

Bedroom/Bathroom Pack of 2

2xTogglers are included in every order of The Toggler. We call this our bedroom/bathroom pack but you can use them anywhere!

The Toggler allows young children to use-out-of reach light switches.
It's easy to install, completely removable and can be re-used on other switches.

Technical Info
Usable on the common Australian Gang Switches. (see photos)
Lowers light switch access by 23cm
Material: Plastic
Adhesive: Adhesive pads are included with your purchase. If you need more, you can use any removable adhesive pads available from most hardware stores.

Estimated Delivery Times
Little Products is in the process of raising pre-orders for The Toggler. Customers are expected to recieve their Toggler before Christmas. All buyers will be updated of production and delivery progress.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 1 cm


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