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10 Apr: Argh, Should we even bother?

So a while back my sister and I had a tense discussion about applying for ICON, Canberra Innovation Grant. We needed capital (aka money) to get our product ideas off the ground but truly believed we didn't stand a chance of getting it.

20 Oct: Just get it made in China

While many business do actually get their stuff produced cheaply in China, they're not startups with no money and no industry knowledge or contacts. Writing to China with a few blueprints from a hotmail account isn't going to get you very far.

19 Aug: Kick-non-starter

Looking at our Kickstarter stats we were surprised to discover that the articles and TV feature had generated next to no extra traffic to our page. Take from that what you will, but we think it's a pretty good indicator that the Kickstarter audience isn't watching linear television or reading traditional newspapers. That or everyone just hated our idea.